What is Tollr ?

Tollr helps you pay tolls through your mobile phone. It is an end-to-end toll payment system in a mobile-based application. It is completely cashless and uses an inbuilt digital wallet to pay the toll fee. In doing so, it functions as an intelligent system that saves fuel and time. Thus making your journey more enjoyable.

Client Brief

“They needed a website that will introduce Tollr and educate people about the benefits and provide information about how to use and download the app.”


Since the target audience range could anyone, from a businessman to a truck driver, the communication had to be simple and user-friendly. The major part of the website was represented through visual accompanied by only the essential content.


We created simplistic and clean UI icons for the mobile application.


Website demo


The homepage is a long scroll page. Each section of the scroll explains about Tollr and its usage with the help of animation.